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Our new show, which will premiere internationally in 2020.
What if tomorrow were the day you woke up alone in a wasteland?
A journey to discover the Wonder! of Mother Earth.


With the taste for paradox and provocation that is typical of the language of drag, this show investigates the corruptibility of man and the relationship between morality and money, between love and power.

Blue Moon

This performance focuses on the body, not only as an expressive form, but as a political tool. A story that speaks to us of hope, a show designed to spark reflection on gender issues.






The latest news from our press room where media representatives can find news about ONDADURTO TEATRO, its shows and activities.

About Us

ONDADURTO TEATRO is a theatre company founded in 2005, based in Rome.
Led by Margò Paciotti and Lorenzo Pasquali, it has flourished thanks to the joint efforts of those who have been involved in projects and activities over the years.
The research and creative work done by ONDADURTO TEATRO is focused on Physical TheatreNouveau Cirque and Gesture.
The various techniques of expression we use help to create a strong visual language that enables us to interact with people of any age, ethnicity and culture and to reach an international audience.
Our performances and shows combine the use of Large Objects in movementMachineryFireworks, Water effects, Video Projections and Music.
ONDADURTO TEATRO productions have been on tour every year in Italy and other European Countries (such as DE / ES / FR / DK / LU / PL / AT / HU / CY / RO / ES-CN / IE) as well as travelling to other continents, to countries including: Chile / Mexico / South Korea / Russia / the USA.
The company has also been involved in cultural exchange projects in Thailand / India / Cuba.
ONDADURTO TEATRO is supported by MiC / Foreign Section.

Our projetcs

3 Performing Arts Festivals: INBORGO / VELINO FESTIVAL / INEUROFF – 1 Artistic Residency project for the development of Urban Theatre – 1 Creative Europe Project Funded – 1 Social Theatre project as an instrument of cultural exchange.

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