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A section of Ondadurto Teatro dedicated to the design and implementation of spectacular events and personalized entertainment, able to satisfy all the various needs of our customers. Important cultural events, conventions, congresses, meetings and inaugurations, can all be accommodated through the creation of unique artistic performances.
In order to ensure the best possible event, we have a dedicated team of artistic professionals with particular experience in the fields of the Art of Scenography, the Nouveau Cirque and Music.


An Ondadurto Teatro event will enhance the location in which it is performed (either internal or external) due to the originality and attention to detail when it comes to scenery and the use of stage machinery in order to create dramatic solutions with strong visual and emotional impact.
Events are site-specific productions, i.e. shows that can transform and re-invent a specific location, by making use of and interacting with the setting and the surrounding architecture, creating a intense and completely unique live experience.
The use of moving stage machinery and the choice of not verbal shows make Ondadurto Teatro Events enjoyable to a wide range of audience types.

ONDADURTO TEATRO has created and performed special events for:

  • New Year Event for the City of Genova >> 15,000 people enjoyed the event – ITALY
  • New Year Event for the City of Rome >> 10,000 people enjoyed the event – ITALY
  • Estate Romana and Carnevale Romano for the Commune of Rome – ITALY
  • The Vodafone Foundation – ITALY
  • Museum Cappela San Severo – Cristo Velato for the Commune of Napoli – ITALY
  • MACRO // Ex Peroni “Tribù dell’Arte” – Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome – ITALY
  • City of LIENZ – AUSTRIA
  • FÊTE DU CITRON for the City of Menton – FRANCE
  • Municipalidad de Recoleta for City of Santiago – CHILE
  • Mexico City: Palacio Nacional de Bellas Artes – MEXICO

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