Federico Fellini

A long-awaited comeback!
In 2020 for the 100th Anniversary of the birth of the great Italian director Federico Fellini, we are delighted to bring back our top-selling show Felliniana.

Let’s have a glamorous party for the special Anniversary in perfect stile Italiano! New scenography, costumes and much more to celebrate the world’s beloved Maestro.

The show proudly enjoys patronage from the prestigious Federico Fellini Foundation.

Written and performed for the first International Rome Film Festival (2006), and totally recreated in 2010, Felliniana is an homage to the author of some of the most popular and beloved films of the last century, the great Italian director Federico Fellini.

Felliniana is the tale of a journey, the story of a dream, a dreamlike journey that captivates the audience.

An open-air show with images of strong visual impact, Felliniana is inspired by the Maestro’s diary of his dreams (Libro dei Sogni) and by masterpieces such as La dolce vita, Amarcord, E la nave va, La strada, Le notti di Cabiria, Boccaccio ‘70, creating a rarefied atmosphere in black and white setting.

The show uses acrobatic choreography, light effects, waterworks, big scenographic machinery and evocative video images, all mixed with live acting.

On tour:  2010 – 2020

Cast and Crew: 12/13 people on tour (9 actors / actresses)
Running time: 60 min. approx.
Venue: Show suitable for huge open spaces and historical locations. Frontal stage.
Language: NO TEXT >> non-verbal show
Techniques: Physical theatre / Dance / Machinery and large moving objects
Audience: Best ca 2.000. It can host up to 3.000 audience.
Target: Any age bracket. Suitable to an international audience.
Miscellaneous: Use of pyrotechnic effects and games of water.

Directed by: Marco Paciotti
Intellectual copyright rights: ONDADURTO TEATRO / Lorenzo Pasquali and Marco Paciotti
Cast: Chiara Becchimanzi, Lucia Bianchi, Giorgia Conteduca, Daniele Ginnetti, Valerio Marinaro, Giorgia Marras, Lorenzo Pasquali, Dario Vandelli, Giulia Vanni.

Machinery: Lorenzo Pasquali and Massimo Carsetti

Music: Original music from Stefano Saletti plus Recognizable sounds from Nino Rota
Light Design: Costel Iulian Prodran
Videos: Cristian Paraskevas

International Consultancy: Ute Classen Kulturmanagement – GERMANY

«…It’s almost as if I can hear the voice of my old Producer: ‘But how can it end like this?…without a shred of hope, a ray of sunlight…but give me at least a ray of sunlight!’… a ray of sunlight… well, I don’t know…Let’s see…»

The show starts with two characters that will lead us into the heart of story: one seems to be Gelsomina, the poetic creature born from Fellini’s imagination, and the other, a magical guide taking us into this world, a guide who jumps three meters high, who does aerial tricks and moves everything that surrounds him. These two lead us by the hand into this fantastic world where everything will be made possible… Gelsomina falls asleep… and the dream begins.

A bench, a streetlamp, some cloths hanging up: the story begin. Merry plastic characters in the carousel of the surreal world of Cinecittà.

Sylvia calls out “Marcello, Marcello…” in her splendid foreign accent. She arrives transported in a sidecar from the Second World War.

The Trevi fountain transformed into a 1950s version with tritons, nymphs and cupids equipped with buckets and watering cans full of water.
An empire style bathtub is positioned in the centre. Sylvia gets in. One thousand litres of water are thrown on top of her until she runs away terrified, defeated, soaked from head to toe.

Then, alluring, seductive but with a melancholy after taste Fellini’s women emerge from the twilight, smiling with irony at the misery of life.

And then comes an enormous skirt on top of which a bishop appears…a dwarf bishop thanks to a particular costume
From beneath the skirt nuns come out in a grotesque twirl that slowly transforms the scene into a circus with tamer and tamed.

Suddenly, the atmosphere changes and the various parts of the scenery reassemble themselves to take the form of a huge ship, fireworks in the sky and from the edge of the bow a cascade of sparks. Women dressed in white and men in tails in a sweet, timeless Waltz. All the characters of our journey get on board…the light slowly disappears…the wind blows… this is the end.

But the audience is left with a great power – the power of imagination.
For those who have imagination can live a thousand lives.

In this show there is a wide use of video, where images are projected onto the bodies of the actors, onto surrounding buildings and onto moving video screens.
Video projection, therefore, becomes an integral part of piece: not onto a stationary background, but a dynamic, changing, moving projection.
The images are echoes of fantastical worlds merging with the machinery and scenery on stage.
The co-operation with the video-maker, Cristian Paraskevas, led to the design of evocative images and to the development of a multimedia language.
A language composed of multiple, carefully balanced levels, which captivates the audience.

The use of machinery in Felliniana follows on from and develops the research conducted by the Company during all its previous performances.
The scenery is manipulated by the performers who become both manipulators and actors/dancers at the same time.
The mechanical structures are essential in the constituent lines, but they are characterized by their ability to transform…before the eyes of the spectator. A large unicycle, a chugging, old sidecar, a gigantic skirt that turns into a cage, video screens in movement, a ship, a mechanical moon, towers on wheels, an enormous camera.

The soundtrack is a mixture of songs composed and arranged by Stefano Saletti especially for Felliniana and some never forgotten songs by Nino Rota.
Thus, the audience will dive into an Italian summer night’s dream.

Felliniana Appearances: many characters from the great director’s movie pop up somewhere in down town.
Felliniana Parade:  a circus, a caravan, surreal characters crossing the town… a site-specific parade, using the buildings and the locations of the city.

Il Messaggero – Italy
(“A brilliant and evocative tribute…”)

Saarbrücker Zeitung – Germany
(“This nine-person theatre company checks all the boxes of street theatre, combining drama with dance, acrobatics and video projections, and on top of all that adds revolving and multi-story stage platforms that transform into ever-changing scenery.”)

Gazeta – Poland
(“…the show combines different theatrical genres and uses several artistic languages, such as dance, physical theatre and acrobatics [ … ] what the audience can see on stage is a miscellany of ideas and artistic inventions [ … ] a unique atmosphere is created that is worthy of the magic of Fellini …”)

La Nuova Sardegna – Italy
(“… the show is a timeless, dreamlike journey…”)

Online Review – Italy 
(“… a show that leaves the audience speechless, and not only due to the pyrotechnics and aquatic effects…”)

Canarias 7 – Canary Islands
(“It’s the story of a dream using Fellini’s poetic and surreal imagery.”)

La Provincia – Canary Islands
(“ the show ‘gives a nod’ to Fellini’s most popular films […] using staging techniques where different languages of expression come together.”)

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Santiago – Chile
(“… a colourful homage of the great Italian director Federico Fellini.”)

Online Review – Chile 
(“A crescendo of talent and musicality.”)

Nice-Matin – France
(“… this is Italy, as it was in Cinecittà studios. The same spirit, rainbow of emotions, and liveliness.”)

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