Contact Zones’ international meeting in Antrodoco (RI), Italy

UP NEXT for Contact Zones Project:

For the conclusion of Contact Zones project’s 2nd edition, Ondadurto Teatro will host an international conference in Antrodoco/Borgo Velino (RI) on February 21, around the theme “CROSS THE BORDERS & PERFORMING ARTS – CREATIVE PROCESSES AND COMMUNITY-BUILDING PLANS”.

Inspired by the Voices Of Culture Brainstorming Session we joined in early February, the meeting will be an opportunity to reflect on the challenges posed by our constantly changing context, where the need to create (and re-create) a sense of community among citizens becomes increasingly pressing.

We will share ideas and good practices, which could implement effective and sustainable models, as well as open windows on new cultural practices focused on inclusion and internationalization.

The International meeting, organised by Ondadurto Teatro, will be on February 21 at the Teatro Sant’Agostino of Antrodoco (RI), Italy.


If you wish to join us on this event, please contact us!