1 Creative Europe Project Funded – 3 Performing Arts Festivals: inEURoff / inBORGO /
VELINO FESTIVAL – 1 Artistic Residence project for the development of the Urban Theater
– 1 Social Theatre project as instrument of interchange between cultures.

The INEUROFF Performing Arts Festival is an encounter between different expressive languages in an urban setting. Site-specific theatre, classic music, aerobatics, documentary films, large scale shows, dance, nouveau cirque. The chosen spaces plays a vital role: EUR and TRASTEVERE.
EUR, the cornerstone of the Roman Business District. Due to its unique architectural features, EUR proposes the ideal proportions and scenographic backdrop to give life to various kinds of artistic productions, such as large-scale spectacles and site-specific shows.
TRASTEVERE is a charming and medieval neighbourhood with a fiery temperament, a formerly working-class district with a heady night life.
So the distinctive feature of INEUROFF is its Multidisciplinary Nature with events using specific techniques and languages and/or a mixture of all forms.
All this and more is to be found at the INEUROFF Performing Arts Festival!
The project is done thanks to the support of ROMA CAPITALE (Municipality of Rome).
A festival that take place along a year. CUNTI E RACCONTI is the subtitle of the festival. Tales of distant stories, that seem so close, and traditional enchanted legends that still live on in our memories.
An journey that is articulated by various narrative elements and techniques: from performing arts to nouveau cirque, from dance to video, music, drama.
Where the festival takes place? Territories stroken by one of the last earthquake are changed and transformed thanks to the arts.
In collaboration with MiBAC (the Ministry of Culture of Italy) and REGIONE LAZIO (Lazio Region), a project that try to reshape the life of the communities where it has set.
A project that want to develop the relationship with audience by a un-conventional and innovative way, in order to preserve, enlarge, diversify the audience and to foster inter-cultural dialogue and respect between people of different cultures.
The INBORGO Performing Arts Festival is a real mix of urban and narrative theatre, new circus, performing arts and video art, where the genres are combined to celebrate the meeting of different forms of expression.
In the ancient Villages of Borgo Velino and Antrodoco in the Lazio Region normally take place
3 days of performances, 7 days of national and international workshops, National and International compagnie programmed, over 40 artists involved in order to give new life to these ancient places.
The project “use” the pubblic spaces redefined by urban transformation – such as pedestrian zones, squares, market places, cultural centres, and un-conventional venues – where it is possible meeting a wide and diversified and varied audience.


Urban spaces are in change and transformation: Contact Zones offers a dialogue, developed through different forms, aesthetics and experimentations, in order to build up new visions and to suggest unpredictable answers. Let us rewrite and redraw mental and physical borders aiming to establish a new era of urban space, where community, sustainability and beauty are the keywords.
Contact Zones proposes artistic residencies, performances, site-specific works, workshops, symposia and actions of audience development.
Contact Zones is a project by Ondadurto Teatro (IT), Margine Operativo (IT), Protagon e.V. (DE) and Danig Performing Arts Service (DK), Co-funded by EU / CREATIVE EUROPE PROGRAMME. The 1st Ed. of CONTACT ZONES was awared “Success Story” status from CREATIVE EUROPE.


The outbreak of ethnic and religious conflict, the tensions caused by mass migration, environmental crises, war, made us realise that it was important to confront our issues with ‘the other’ and learn one of the most important skills we will need in our near future: the ability to live and build relationships in a multi-ethnic society.

This is not the common project of creating art in areas in need of social and urban redevelopment, rather it is an experience that brings Art into places where it usually doesn’t have a place, into surreal environments, which are, at the same time, so real as to leave the spectator dumbfounded and shocked.

This is the project that involves a Gypsy Community: an exchange, a meeting of peoples.

Born in 2006, this project was done till 2017 in collaboration with several Fundations and Public Institutions in order to involve an entire community in a process of artistic creation.

During the years it was created 1 circus show / 3 performances / 2 photographic exhibitions / 1 installation / 2 site specific shows / many many different LABs and exchange of expereiences

A project as instruments of interchange between cultures.


In the frame of PERIFERIE ARTISTICHE, Art Residency Project, ONDADURTO TEATRO offer residencies for international artists who want to investigate in the frame of Circus and Urban Theatre. Multidisciplinary projects are encouraged.
The venue is an Ancient Church transformed in an theatre, in a small Village between the Mountains close by the city of Rieti: Antrodoco. At the same time squares / river banks / parks are at disposal to test / to have try out of the working process. In order to realize NEW performances, the international companies and the artistes will be hosted in-residence for 15 days minimum. The process of creation will have an interaction and a cooperation within the local community.
The STEPS of each creation will be presented to local audience through an open work session during the residence period.
The moments for meeting audience will be used also as moment to present and share techniques and methods.
Each project is taken care of individually even in the subsequent circulation.

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