Urban spaces are going through a process of change and transformation: Contact Zones provides a dialogue with this process, developed through a number of different forms, aesthetics and experimental ideas, in order to create new points of view and to provide unpredictable answers. Let’s redesign and rewrite mental and physical limits, with the aim of establishing a new era in urban space, where community, sustainability and beauty are the keywords.

Contact Zones offers artistic residencies, performances, site-specific works, workshops, symposia and audience development initiatives.

Contact Zones is a project by Ondadurto Teatro (IT), Margine Operativo (IT), Protagon e.V. (DE) and Danig Performing Arts Service (DK), Co-funded by the EU / Creative Europe Programme.

Let’s talk: 2019, NOV. 19 + 20 Contact Zones hosts a symposium on Festivals as a Democratic Conversation in Copenhagen in collaboration with KIT/Metropolis & Passage Festivalen.

WANT TO JOIN US? Please contact us in time!
A number of important festivals / industry professionals / EU projects are already involved as panel members.